In the Vise

Once they have your back against the wall, and your political power has been neutered, they will continue to tighten the vise:

EIGHTY per cent of Central Victoria gun dealers will be driven out of business and attempts by farmers to control vermin will be undermined if recommendations of a licence fee increase are accepted, dealers claim.

The Regulatory Impact Statement is part of a State Government draft proposal on changes to firearm regulations recommending lowering some licence fees including rifles by 11 per cent, professional hand guns by 17 per cent, increasing others such as sporting hand guns by 97 per cent and firearm dealer licences by up to 647 per cent.

A & L Guns owner Rod Flower said his licence fee will increase from about $1380 to $7400 for a three-year period under the new price guidelines.

‘‘This will close down 80 per cent of the businesses and will affect country Victoria more than anywhere else,’’ Mr Flower said.

They don’t care.  That’s the whole idea.  It’s for the children, after all.