2 thoughts on “The Open Source Firearm”

  1. A while back, I thought “Open Source Firearms” might be a new technique for developing weapons.

    Of course, I was thinking more an AR-15 type platform(s) in which add-ons are easy and cheap to develop.

    Perhaps the AK can also be considered a form of patent trolling as Russia now demands licenses for all AKs produced by foreign countries. (And I thought that the USSR did license its weapons, but very cheaply.)

  2. From the article:

    “People have made amazing claims for it: the Kalashnikov is said to have humbled US military and economic power, to have liberated the downtrodden and oppressed, to have changed the very face of warfare.”

    Liberated the downtrodden and oppressed? Like the millions of Soviet and Chinese citizens killed by their own governments? Or the citizens killed by their governments in Vietnam or Iraq?

    Eff that.

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