I seem to have a faulty battery backup unit on my FiOS system that’s causing the outage.  When I came home the light was on at the junction box outside that indicated the power was out and battery was low.  I go check the AC line, and it’s feeding power to the BBU just fine.  Fortunately, unplugging the battery convinced it that it had a bad battery, but everything else was fine.  We’re back up for now.  Verizon will be out tomorrow to replace the faulty BBU.

2 thoughts on “Bad BBU”

  1. Incidentally – I’m jealous. My father has FiOS, and I got to play with it the last time I was down there. Course, he couldn’t wait to get rid of Cox, whereas I’m only harbouring simmering resentment against Comcast :)

  2. Comcast…… is shitting their pants over FiOS. They already produced propaganda against satellite and now they have to deal with fiber.

    Well, it doesn’t matter. Competition is good.

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