2 thoughts on “Good Luck? Or Bad Luck?”

  1. It’s like that John Candy movie “The Great Outdoors” with the man who was struck by lightning 66 times.

  2. Lucky. Any damn fool can get knocked down or shot down, or hammered down, etc., etc. But it takes guts and luck to get back up. Guts are good, but they still need to be enhanced by luck if the smackdown was done properly.

    Trust me, I know. I have a minimum of 41 years of free life, unless you double or triple count the times after the first one I should be and was given up for dead. (actually was true twice). I would like to take all the credit, and say “I got guts.” But the truth is, I also have had a Hell of a lot of luck, and I think God likes me(I hope), maybe he just doesn’t want me in his house. But I want him to like me, so I’m going to pretend I know he does.

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