Dog Bans

I don’t own a dog, currently, but it strikes me that a lot of the same logic used for banning certain dog breeds is similar to that for certain controls on guns.

I don’t believe in the myth of the dangerous dog.  Years ago it was the Doberman, now it’s the “Pit Bull”.  I’m not in favor of regulating dog breeds.  All dogs, properly trained and socialized, can be made to be non-dangerous around people.  There are no dangerous dogs, only irresponsible owners, and I’m prejudiced against any laws that regulate possession of things, which can be used lawfully and responsible, because some people won’t.  I don’t think, in a free society, that’s how things should operate.  There should be a default assumption that people are responsible.

That some breeds look scarier and are more attractive to irresponsible owners is the exact same logic people have used to ban semi-automatic “assault weapons”.   The exact same arguments work against these laws as well: irresponsible owners are not likely to follow the regulations the government lays down, and only the responsible owners will be punished.

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  1. I read you often but comment rarely. This ‘un rates a note.

    I grew up on a farm. Most of my life I have been surrounded by various animals. Animals (like humans) have their own distinct personalities. Some good, some bad and some in the middle. Breed has some influence, but environment is everything.

    A guy I used to work with has the sweetest pit female. He would often bring her to work and she would tour the offices and workspaces looking for some doggie love. I would do my pointing and clicking while my other hand scratched behind her ears. She would reward me with a puddle of pee on my office floor before she left. Sweet dog.

    I have encountered poodles and other seemingly sweet breeds that were more vicious than that pit female.

    I have raised calves into cows that would come when called (because they knew I had an apple or something for them) and even though their breed was aggressive, their environment made them tame. I have also been around cattle that I would not turn my back to. No way, no how. Vicious cows, you say? 1500 pounds of wanting to run me over and stomp me, you betcha.

    Pets are generally what we make of them. If they turn out mean, it is likely the fault of their environment (which we provide).

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