“They’ll Just Steal Them”

We always say that criminals will just steal guns if you pass useless crap like one-gun-a-month and other such useless restrictions.   In Australia, a man proves that mantra with some very large guns, the kinds that are on tracks and move:

A FORMER Telstra worker allegedly stole a tank and used it to demolish six mobile phone towers as he led police on a wild two-hour rampage through western Sydney yesterday.

More than 20 police chased the tank but were powerless to stop it, retreating to a safe distance as the huge vehicle cut a path of destruction through six suburbs.

They could only watch as the driver, hanging out of the top at times, allegedly rammed the tank through fences and into six mobile phone towers, telecommunication relay sheds and an electrical substation.

No word yet on whether Rebecca Peters will be leading a new crusade for more stringent tank control laws in Australia.

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