Philly Gun Law Suit Goes Ahead

Yep, those are two words.  Philadelphia city officials are moving ahead with their lawsuit against the Commonwealth for failing to let them pass gun laws:

Asked if he was aware of any Pennsylvania case of a similar nature, Bochetto said, “This would be a case of first impression. If you look at the legal definition of a state-created danger, we meet every standard. . . . There is empirical evidence that is unmistakable to demonstrate this.”

Bochetto said the suit also asks the court to reinterpret the state statute that gives the commonwealth control over gun laws to the detriment of local government.

This is a state created danger?   I’m pretty sure this is a criminal created danger.   These people are delusional.  The courts have already upheld preemption in Ortiz v. Commonwealth.  He can ask the Court of Common Pleas to reinterpret all he wants, there’s controlling precedent they are bound by, and the answer will be “no”.   This is just a dog and pony show designed to allow the city politicians to continue to deflect blame for their own failures.

If they were serious about fighting crime in the city, they could start by working to get judges like this off the bench.

3 Responses to “Philly Gun Law Suit Goes Ahead”

  1. K-Romulus says:

    Meanwhile, the city bills include a “turn ’em in” AWB, a 16-rd mag limit, and a requirement that people renewing their CCW permits declare/list all guns they own.

  2. Sebastian says:

    All “reasonable gun laws” or “sensible gun safety laws”, of course.

  3. BobG says:

    Who are the idiots who vote for jackasses like that?


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