Blagojevich Pushing for Gun Ban

The Illinois Governor has taken time out from the state budget impasse to demand the legislature pass more gun control.  This seems to be making everyone, including his supporters, pretty unhappy.

But there was something cruelly manipulative Monday about Blagojevich using an appearance with the families of gun violence victims to try to gain advantage in his budget negotiations with Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.

That shouldn’t be surprising.  Gun control itself is a manipulative issue.  Without appeals to emotion and concealing or distorting facts, it can’t survive.  That Blagojevich would do this isn’t any more disgusting than his attempt to dupe the people of Illinois into surrendering their constitutional rights.

One thought on “Blagojevich Pushing for Gun Ban”

  1. And the Brady’s support the measure wholeheartedly,no matter how unethical the methods.

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