Jackson Moving to Bay Area

Jesse Jackson is moving his attention whoring campaign to the bay area now.

“We have to look at tighter regulations around sales of guns, where they’re being sold, how they’re being sold, how we’re requiring accountability by those dealers,” Harris said. “We should be looking more seriously at the proliferation of guns in our community, including assault weapons, because there really is no need for an assault weapon in a civil community.”

Jackson is in the Bay Area to raise awareness of gun violence in society at large before a nationwide protest that his civil rights group, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, has scheduled for Aug. 28.

Of course, what the article fails to mention is that California already has the strictest assault weapons ban in the country.  So if they are having a problem with them in their neighborhoods, wouldn’t that say that the ban is mostly useless?  At least one person has a clue:

Lorrain Taylor of Hayward, whose twin 22-year-old sons were gunned down in Oakland in February 2000 while working on a car, left the rally skeptical.

“I think we’re not looking at the root of the problem. This sounds very political,” Taylor said. “Closing down the gun shops will not stop the violence. … I don’t think the source is the gun stores. It’s a deep spiritual problem.”

Yep. Jesse Jackson is a cheap attention whore. It’s high time the media stopped paying attention to him.

2 Responses to “Jackson Moving to Bay Area”

  1. Ahab says:

    I see we’re tripping over one another’s google alerts again.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    The Bay-Aryan Media trumpets out-of-context and context-less pseudo-Facts all the time, even around here (especially so, I guess) where some people know at least some of the facts. They continue to repeat lies about full-auto weapons used by gang-bangers as though they were semi-autos.
    It has mainly turned into a loud, manufactured, blowhard-machine for emotionalism – useful for keeping the undistinguished and thoughtless submerged in their own circular data-circus from coming to the surface for a clear view.