Flaming Jihadists

No, it’s not a drink (but maybe it should be!). It seems to me that we’re seeing the c-list Al-Quada types carrying out these operations. The cars were loaded with gasoline, which is not an explosive. I think these guys watched a few too many movies. If you want to set something on fire, gasoline is good at that, but you’re not going to do much damage to anyone other than yourself, especially at an airport, where firefighting equipment isn’t exactly in short supply.

The police officer trying to put the guy out was following the instincts any civilized person would. Had they had suicide vests on, that could have been a fatal response. I’m not in agreement with the bystanders who shouted “let him burn”, but I wouldn’t have blamed the officer for dispatching him with a shot to the head, in fear that he might be a suicide bomber.

One thought on “Flaming Jihadists”

  1. At least one of these punks is a doctor.
    How can you get into medical school without enough basic chemical knowledge to build a reliable bomb?
    This clown probably killed more people through sheer medical incompetence than he could ever have hoped to kill with a bomb.

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