What’s the Fascination?

If this guy thinks that Ahab’s blog is scary, the contents of my safe would absolutely make him crap his pants.  Why is it that no one ever asks someone into classic cars “What’s your fascination with engines?  Why do you need an engine that will do 110MPH?”  Or someone into coin collecting “What’s your fascination with coins?  Clearly you’re just a greedy bastard.”   No one ever asks a golfer what his fascination is with constantly acquiring new and better golf clubs, or finding new and challenging courses.

But all kinds of false assumptions are made about people who enjoy the shooting sports and collectors.  Ahab has it exactly right: they are just machines folks, relax, and don’t worry yourself about it.  A street urchin with a broken beer bottle should be more worrisome than a guy at the range firing a machine gun.

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