9 thoughts on “Take the Poll”

  1. I don’t find a Link for a Poll?

    Perhaps CNN got the anti gun poll they wanted and then removed it?

  2. I tried to find the poll too, but I didn’t see anything except the “running checks on someone” question.

    I really couldn’t care less about CNN or what I would guess the majority of their viewers are like anyway. People like that are the ones who hate guns so much, they probably wouldn’t dare to even pick one up if their own survival was really depending on it, like when that one lady in Connecticut was being attacked by the rampaging chimpanzee that bit her face off.

  3. Chuck B.,

    You’re probably right, and that changes the dynamic a bit, doesn’t it?

    The anti-gunners aren’t people we should despise, they’re people we should pity. They are so self-loathing and frightened that they can’t even protect themselves. That’s why they want to ban guns – they want to make everyone as pathetic as they are.

    Remember that when a politician cries for more gun control. The answer isn’t anger, it’s a patronizing laugh and a pat on the head. Maybe with some luck we can marginalize the threat out of them.

  4. The took it down because it was fifty something percent in favor and forty something percent against last night when i voted.

    Such nice fact finding folks those CNN guys.

  5. That’s kinda what I thought, too. Gun bloggers got wind of it, and the results started to go against them, so they stopped it while they were ahead. Now they can trumpet it as a poll that “clearly shows that America wants more gun control”.

    CNN. The truth is not in them.

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