Let’s Not Make a Federal Case Out of It

Jesse Jackson has a well deserved reputation as an attention whore.  Do we really need to go adding more federal crimes to the books because of that fact?

After denouncing the demagoguery of Rev. Jesse Jackson in his continued protests at a suburban Chicago-area gun shop, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today announced that it has drafted federal legislation that would prevent such protests from interfering with legal businesses.

“This is not an attack on the First Amendment rights of Jesse Jackson or anyone else,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “But it would put an end to the kind of publicity-seeking shenanigans that Jackson and his cohort, anti-gun Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, have been conducting at Chuck’s Gun Shop in suburban Riverdale for the past three weeks. We’re working on Capitol Hill right now to gather sponsors.

Jesse Jackson and Snuffy Pfleger were already arrested under state law for trespassing.   Why exactly do we need to make a federal issue out of this?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Not Make a Federal Case Out of It”

  1. Guess because they feel the state laws don’t work.

    What they should do is widen the scope… all businesses have the right to conduct business, and people have the right to protest. Create a buffer zone, and one can protest outside that buffer. Sorta like the the protest buffer zones that exist around Family Planning Clinics. Narrowing it down to just gun shops probably wouldn’t work.

  2. I concede your point. Nonetheless, it would be nice to see the same federal protections enjoyed by abortion clinics extended to gun shops. It would certainly get the moonbats’ panties in a wad.

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