Flashing ID for Adult Beverages

Bitter points out a new regulation that may go into effect in Tennessee requiring everyone, regardless of age, to flash ID to buy alcohol. I would actually be willing to agree to have that in Pennsylvania if they abolished the state run liquor system and I could buy a bottle of bourbon in the supermarket. Can’t make the argument that it’ll encourage underage drinking if you have to card everyone! Whipping out the drivers license is less of a burden to me than having to drive to New Jersey or Delaware to get decent hooch.

Of course. all this is going to do is cause more straw purchasing of alcohol. Pretty soon after that, you’ll only be able to buy so much alcohol in a month in order to deal with the problem. But then they’ll start manufacturing it at home like I do [I should be clear here, I mean home brewing, not distilling.  The ATF already has my number for the F part, I don’t want any trouble with the A part too :)]. And then…. but oh wait, we already went down this road and it didn’t work. It’s a pity folks can’t make the analogy.

One thought on “Flashing ID for Adult Beverages”

  1. Move to Arizona, you can buy it all at any convenience store :-)

    I remember driving cross country a while back. Stopped for gas somewhere in Iowa. Went in for a coffee refill, to get to the coffee machines you had to walk through the liquor aisle, there was literally no other path to get to the caffiene dispensers. I remember thinking, “Aren’t we sending a mixed message here?”, even while it did make me chuckle.

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