You Can’t Uninvent Technology

Once society progresses to a certain technical level, they need to learn ways to cope with its technology. In many ways, the gun control movement is a form of neo-ludditism. They imagine that the clock can be turned back, that firearms can be eliminated, and that bit of technology purged completely from our culture.

It is a fantasy and a delusion to hold such a view. Today I ran across this set of pictures of firearms that were seized by the Russian Army in Chechnya. They are all home made. The gun control movement always makes the false assumption that firearms are a highly complicated technology. They are not. They’ve been around half a millennium and aren’t going away. Take a look at the photo gallery, and next time someone tell you that banning all guns would actually eliminate them, show it to them, and make them understand how wrong they are.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Uninvent Technology”

  1. Do a Google search on guns made in Dara, Pakistan.
    For 150 years workers with little more than a file, a hacksaw and a hand drill have made complex firearms that it takes real study to tell from the originals mad in Europes best factories.

    Adams Revolvers, Webley revolvers, Snider Rifles, Martini Henry Rifles, Lee Metfords, AK-47s, double shotguns, even a BREN Gun.

    The overall quality is excellent, except that the metal is usually dead soft.
    The most common giveaway is way too many incorrect proof marks.

    Anyone who can build a BREN Gun with a few hand tools can build anything in a normal american home workshop.

  2. I always figured that, if firearm production was made illegal, drug lords would just acquire the necessary equipment and personnel to make their own guns. They could certainly afford it.

    Then they can sell drugs and the guns with which to fight their turf wars.

  3. well, for a certain definition of “home made”. some of those Chechens seem fairly clearly to have been built on top of existing AK receivers and barrels, to me.

    that aluminum-frame-looking semiauto looks impressive, though. as does most everything that came out of Dara that i’ve seen photos of. either one of Xavier or Chris Byrne had a post a while ago about a mountain-made Martini clone they’d picked up at a gun show; that was most impressive.

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