The Spin Already Starting

This seems to be the typical article I’m seeing in the international press:

DEMOCRATS have struck a deal with the National Rifle Association to tighten gun laws in the US for the first time in 13 years, as the nation was shocked by another mass shooting that left six dead and a toddler clinging to life with a gunshot wound to the chest.

To be fair, the article also mentions the concessions we got, but I’m still curious exactly what new gun control law is coming out of this deal?  As best as we know so far, it’s a funding bill to encourage states to keep NICS records up to date.   The only change to the actual law, it seems, is the ability to challenge prohibited status for certain offenses.

One thought on “The Spin Already Starting”

  1. The ability to challenge? but no criteria for granting? Dog and Pony show. Keep your eye on this one. It’s a scam.

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