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  1. Same thing with my uncles. They weren’t allowed to play with toy guns as kids; now they both have respectable arsenals.

  2. “My son expressed outrage and said, “NO! My mommy said that I can’t ever touch a gun and that I can’t even be around a gun!!” My ex-husband’s response to that? “Well, you’re mom isn’t here…” My son AGAIN expressed his non-interest and inability to defy me.”

    His inability to defy her?
    I’m sure he will make some lucky guy a very devoted and compliant wife.

  3. IMHO (and in my personal experience) it is MUCH safer to teach a kid the basics of gun safety (the Four Rules) at an early age, and teach them to respect fireamrs than to teach them to avoid them. I went to summer camp and was taguht riflery at 11 years or so, and internalized the Rules to the point that I apply them to “toy” guns (squirtguns, Nerf, etc – but, sorry to say, not to stuff like household cleanser bottles) to this day.

    I understand that the NRA has educational programs both for very young kids (don’t tuch, find an adult, etc), and for older kids (safe handling etc) – that would be the guideline I’d use…

    OTOH, the non-custodial parent’s attempt to undermine the custodial one’s authority… it’s all very funny, but it is also the converse of “mommy said noo, so I’ll ask daddy”.

  4. I can’t remember the exact quote, but it goes something like this:

    “Things are not intrinsically good or evil, but our use of them may give the appearance that they do.”

    Many people are under the impression that firearms are “EVIL” in and of themselves, which is a fallacy IMO. People that think that way believe if all guns were done away with there would be no more murder or violent crime. I highly doubt that.

    The gun is a tool. It is a means to an end, not an end itself. Take it away, and people will find other means.

    Another thing, that mother’s efforts are in vain. She wants to keep her son safe from guns, so she tells him to never touch or be around a gun. But what does that have to do with being killed by a gun? Very little. At best, all it does it keep him from being shot by his own gun because he won’t own one. It does not stop him from being shot by someone else’s gun.

    Fortunately, a more sane mother suggested that instead of trying to hide guns from him she should instead teach him gun safety when he was old enough. That is the smart move. Teaching gun safety will help prevent accidental shooting with someone else’s gun.

  5. […]I’m not going to address the flawed logic behind the “no guns” thing; despite the fact that I disagree with the mother’s position on guns, it’s her prerogative to raise her child as she pleases. I actually wanted to focus on part of this story that was sort of missed, and it’s also the part I find the most disturbing.[…]

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