Bill Richardson Packs

According to this article, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has only started hunting recently, with an over under 12 gauge, but he owns other firearms:

Richardson also owns a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, which is not for hunting, but he has a state permit to carry it concealed.

Cool! Personally, I don’t care whether Richardson is a hunter or not, as long as he supports it. The fact that he’s a CCL holder is enough for me.

Note to Democratic leadership: more Democrats like this, please.

4 thoughts on “Bill Richardson Packs”

  1. I’m hoping for a Richardson v. Thompson presidential race. It’d be the first time in my life where I’d be voting for either candidate, rather than choosing the one that sucked the least.

  2. Thompson needs to up the ante. He should say something like

    “Pfft… 9mm pistol. I carry this.”, said Fred Thompson as he whips out a Thompson M1 from under his trench coat.

    He can’t let the Democrats have the advantage on this

  3. I can live with a concealed carry caliber gap so long as none, and I mean none, of the candidates start talking about Precious Bodily Fluids.

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