Jack The Dripper Out

I’ve always believed that if a person wants to off themselves, that’s their right as a free individual. It’s one reason using gun control to prevent suicide is particularly unpersuasive to me even if it actually worked.

But Jack Kevorkian has always given me the creeps, and now he’s out of prison. If someone out there is in pain and wants to off themselves, be a man (or woman) and do it yourself. Please, for the rest of us, keep this goof out of the media.

5 thoughts on “Jack The Dripper Out”

  1. What about those that want to off themselves but aren’t physically able to?

    But I completely get the slippery slope argument.

    Although I’ve always found it interesting that we tell kids that we had to put Fido down because we wouldn’t want to see him suffer like that and then take them to see grandpa in the nursing home drooling on himself.

    again, slippery slope.

  2. If we put Fido down, he didn’t make the choice and has no guilt. If we put Fido down it is probably because he is in too much pain to endure and has no level of intelligence capable of seeing the value of even painful life.

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