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Armed Canadian asks a good question:

“State Delegate Bill Bronrott of Montgomery County says it may be time to get those bikes off the roads.

“They are potential death machines in the wrong hands,” says Bronrott. “And I think we should look at the possibility of saying these should be used on race courses rather than public highways.”

Not that seriously expect anything to happen as a result of this but I need to ask a simple question of anyone who thinks like this…

Why do you feel the need to see every single tragedy as a problem that needs fixing, some kind of moral crusade or to not hold the person who caused it responsible and rather blame the item used?

So the next time you say “Well, we don’t ban cars because people use them irresponsibly, and they kill far more people every year than guns.” maybe you should think twice before you give the politicians another bad idea.

I’ve always thought that gun control is a litmus test for how liberty minded a politician is.  Let’s see what Delegate Bill Brainrot thinks about other issues:

Delegate Bronrott earned a 100% perfect score from the Humane Society of the United States in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Just in case you don’t know, the HSUSA is against hunting.  What about guns?

Good Morning. Welcome. I am Bill Bronrott, a State Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly from here in Bethesda, and chair of the Montgomery House Delegation’s Democratic Caucus. We are here to issue our own Homeland Security High Alert because the clock is quickly running out on the 10 year ban on the sale of assault weapons in our country.

Remember, they aren’t just anti-gun, they are anti-freedom.   I might start taking progressives more seriously when they wake up and realize there is more to freedom than abortion, social justice (whatever the hell that means), gay rights, and hating George W. Bush.  I’ll start being impressed when they stand up for liberty in general, whether you’re a favored constituency or not.

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