Teeth Suck

I went back to the periodontist today, because I have been in great pain since Sunday evening.  I needed him to check out the progress of my healing from the crown lengthening, and get a referral to go see an endodontist for the root canal ASAP.

I knew root canal was going to be part of the deal from the beginning, because the reason the tooth needed crown lengthening was because it chipped close enough to the gum line there was no room to put a crown.  But the periodontist said that sometimes crown lengthening pushes a borderline tooth over the edge, and it sure did.   Now tomorrow I have to call and schedule the root canal for as soon as they will take me.

In the mean time, I’ve been taking percocet, but I’ve become unhappy with the fact that, while it is very effective at giving pain relief, and making me feel rather loopy, it’s also very effective at making me dizzy and nauseous.  I think I may have to go back to my old standby — whiskey.  Dozens of generations of Irishmen can’t be wrong!

5 thoughts on “Teeth Suck”

  1. You could illegally sell the Percocet and buy whiskey… But that would be a crime of massive proportions.

    Of course, I don’t even understanding why anyone would take stuff like that “recreationally”.

  2. teeth do suck. I’ve had a Dentist on full scholarship for 50 years because having no teeth sucks more and I can remember those generations.

  3. I’ll keep the Percocet I have left until it expires, but I wouldn’t take that shit unless I really need it. It’s very effective a relieving pain, but I don’t like the side effects. Ibuprofen is nearly as effective, the relief lasts longer, and it doesn’t have the side effects.

  4. My roomie was sharing her Oxycodone with me when my teeth were trying to convince me to suicide. The choice to me was 2 oxy, or 3600mg of ibuprofin (and yes, there have been a couple times I did the ibuprofin).

    ‘Course, the oxy doesn’t make me all THAT loopy…

  5. must…not….pettifog…can’t….resist….AHHHH!

    It doesn’t make you nauseous, it makes you nauseated. Something that is nauseous makes people feel sick.

    Sorry… Someone pointed that out to me years ago and I seem to have OCD when it comes to that word ;)

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