The Perfect Lost Accessory

Sebastian had been watching Lost since the series started. Note the past tense. What happened? Well, me.

I didn’t watch Lost. I didn’t ban him from watching Lost, he just opted not to watch without me. So he DVR’d it while I’d leave the room since he didn’t want me to see “current” (i.e. Season 4) episodes without knowing the back story.  He did have all of Season 5 on DVR until we needed the space for something else.  So I deleted without him ever getting to watch.

But we got Netflix last month just so I could catch up. We’ve been watching and will receive the last two discs for Season 2 tomorrow. That means I should be starting Season 3 by the end of the weekend.

No, we won’t quite be done before the final season begins, but we’ll be close enough that we just have to record a few episodes.  With that said, I have found the absolute perfect accessory for the ultimate Lost final season viewing party. A polar bear television. I mean, it’s a polar bear.  How perfect can you get?  I guess options like wild boar and black stallion would also make fine Lost accessories, but they wouldn’t be nearly as cuddly as a polar bear television.

All of that said, here are my thoughts on Lost through the first 40 episodes:

  • I was sad when Boone died. I was sadder when I saw a photo of the actor that looks like he’s bulimic now.  (His cheeks are so far sunken in that you notice the sheer width of his jaw bone before you ever notice those big blue eyes.)
  • I didn’t really care when Shannon died, other than to be sad for Sayid.
  • And Ana Lucia, OMG, kill her now. Every time she’s been on screen since she was introduced (other than the very first bar scene), I have yelled that she needs to die soon.  If the mystery island would somehow create a giant hole that would eat her up, I would be happy.
  • I kind of like Rousseau.
  • Also, as much as I don’t normally go for the standard Hollywood hottie (my main crushes: Jeff Goldblum & Billy Zane), Sawyer’s body is just amazing. Make that man take off his shirt more.

17 thoughts on “The Perfect Lost Accessory”

  1. if you have Netflix, you NEED a Netflix Ready Device, like my Roku box.

    you can watch “Lost” and a lot of other stuff instantly, rather than wait for the DVDs. Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” interface sucks pretty bad, you can’t search the whole instant list easily. There’s this great website that makes it all better.

    Roku is only $80, and there are a lot of DVD players out there that are already Netflix capable. you just run a cable from your router to the box, or in many cases, run it wirelessly.

    1. I will admit, the instantwatcher link was useful. I just clicked through and picked out about 4 new movies for the streaming queue.

  2. I just started using the watch instantly feature last night. Except rather than buying another device – whether it be an upgraded tv, blu-ray player, or roku – we can just plug the laptop into the tv. Season 2 is actually the last one we’ll be watching on dvd. I have the rest of the seasons lined up for instant viewing.

    That said, I’m happy with some of the instant viewing selections because it means I can watch some chick flicks when Sebastian isn’t around. Like Vanity Fair and some Italian romance movie Netflix said I might like.

  3. +1 to instant watch!

    The Mrs. and I treated ourselves to the new Samsung Blue Ray player that can directly interface with Netflix.

    We don’t have cable in the house, this essentially gives us all the benefits of Cable and none of the drawbacks.

    Their selection for instant viewing is getting pretty impressive these days!

  4. I think you missed the key comment about the observations being limited to the first 40 episodes with a link to give you the info on where that leaves me. So, no, I haven’t seen Ana Lucia die – not even once.

  5. Haha, I work with Sawyer’s (or, more precisely, Josh Holloway’s) brother. No, they don’t look alike.

  6. I don’t want Lost, but I’m pretty sure something happened to her after Michelle Rodriguez’s DUI arrest. It was covered fairly well when people started noticing that all the Lost stars that got in trouble off-set went bye-bye from the show shortly thereafter.

  7. Hmm, that should be a ‘Haha’, this is a funny coincidence not ‘Haha’ in the point-in-laugh sort of way.

    Don’t want to sound condescending. Just realized it wasn’t particularly clear right when I submitted.

  8. You must have missed my 14 Dec tweet @bitterb about #LOST on @InstantNetflix.

    I wasn’t going to say anything about your Ana Lucia tweet, since it was obvious you weren’t far enough in to know her fate.

    If you DVR the current season, it may even be better than watching them live. It is going to be hard for me going from LOST on Instant Netflix to Network TV.

  9. I remember it, I just wasn’t sure about the streaming at the time. We do have a bit of an issue in that we really can’t fit anymore stuff in our tv space, so I just don’t see us going to Roku route. I wanted to make sure we could easily both watch stuff that was streaming through the computer with a tv hookup. Now that I know we can, we will do it.

    I know it’s going to be touch to go to network tv for this, too. You know since it’s the final season that it will be oversold with commercials. I really hate that with the V series. Once it did well, there were commercials inserted every 5 seconds. Bah.

    After the series finale of Lost, we’re going to cancel cable and rely exclusively on Netflix & dvd purchases. I realize it means the loss of some niche programming, but at this point, the savings are worth it. When that happens, I may prod Sebastian into upgrading the tv or looking at finally going blu-ray with a compatible player.

  10. @Bitter The wife & I have been on the Netflix & DVD purchase only route for a couple years now (although we did watch The Unit over the air, and occasionally on, and we really aren’t missing the DirecTV.

    @Wolfwood If only ABC would switch from their proprietary player that ostracizes Linux users, I would use their web player.

  11. “so I just don’t see us going to Roku route.

    When that happens, I may prod Sebastian into upgrading the tv or looking at finally going blu-ray with a compatible player.”

    If you get one that is a Netflix Ready Device (and many of them are) problem solved.

    1. Actually, with the comments about streaming through a “Nintendo device” being an “excellent” likelihood yesterday, I’m really hoping that the current Wii support will hit soon. I will admit that one issue I’ve noticed with streaming is that the computer will go dark if I don’t use the mouse while watching a show. So far that hasn’t been an issue because I’ve only been streaming stuff as I work on other things But when we finish out these final Lost discs this weekend before switching to streaming, it could get very annoying.

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