Urban Renewal

With the City of Philadelphia wanting to take guns away from honest people, and certainly make it difficult if not impossible for them to carry them for self-defense, I’m always happy to highly Pro-Gun Progressive’s efforts to clean up his neighborhood in Baltimore:

All of this is risky, but it’s what needs done. Unfortunately, my truck and a ballistic vest is all the protection I’m allowed in the State of Maryland. Why is it so hard to understand that people will find it a lot easier to fight for their own neighborhoods if the law doesn’t make them do it empty handed? I don’t want to be a vigilante; I just want to give the police the help they need in turning this neighborhood around–and have a fighting chance if some miscreant decides to try to take my life for doing so.

I’m glad the other Sebastian wears body armor for his neighborhood cleanup effort, but I have to say, in a similar situation, there’s no law that’s going to keep me disarmed.   I fail to understand why the Philadelphia politicians want to make sure the good people in their city are stuck in the same situation as Pro-Gun Progressive, unable to legally provide for their own self-defense.