Strappnig for Urban Renewal

Pro-Gun Progressive asks the Mayor of Balitmore a simple question in regards to helping clean up his neighborhood:

Nice to know she’s not saying I can’t own a gun. Ms. Mayor, can I get a hand from you in getting that permit so I can carry mine when I’m being confronted by roving gangs of drug dealing thugs who say they want to kill me? The bad guys carry theirs.

That’s a great question. But I doubt she’d bother to answer.

One thought on “Strappnig for Urban Renewal”

  1. In fact, the question is so good that she cannot answer it. To do answer honestly would put the lie to her stated concerns about stopping crime. To answer that she would help PGP and qualified others to gain the tools necessary to a secure populace would lose her her constituency.

    Hmmmmmm, let’s see, who could possibly be opposed to allowing citizens the means to defense from criminals? Oh, yeah, criminals! Eureka,the answer is found.

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