Rifles I Can’t Afford

The M82A1 in .50BMG is generally considered most useful in anti-material operations. For long-rang anti-personnel work, you can’t beat the .408 caliber CheyTac M100 and M200 rifles. It’s portable too.
The M100 Rifle
M-200 Rifle

Both pretty attractive looking pieces, but at 14k a pop, I’d rather have a Barrett M82A1. Also, Ronnie Barrett will sell you the same rifle he sells the military, and I can respect a company that respects its customers. CheyTac sells a less accurate version to civilian shooters because “we never want our incredible technology to fall into the wrong hands.” Piss on that. If I were a terrorist with 14 large burning a hole through my pocket, I’m sure I could get a military version of the M200 from the right person.

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  1. Bitter says:

    You’re after my heart talking about Barretts, aren’t you dear? :)


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