Colorado Democrats Can Kiss My $$ Goodbye

The Democrats in Colorado just limited reciprocity to resident permits only.   That means my Florida permit is now worthless in Colorado.   Pennsylvania does not have reciprocity with Colorado.  You can see the text of the bill here.

Clarifies that a person cannot use a permit to carry a concealed
handgun that is issued by another state if the person does not reside in the
issuing state.

I had plans to do a big hiking trip in Colorado.   I will now take my business to a state that will allow me to defend myself while on the trail.  Especially considering it’s Colorado that’s had problems with cougar attacks.

The general assembly hereby finds determines, and declares that this act is necessary for the immediate23 preservation of the public peace, health, and safety.24

Any bets on whether the Colorado General Assembly can find even a single case of an out of state permit holder causing a problem?  I’ll bet they can’t.  Folks in Colorado, you have some politicians that need to be thrown out on their asses next election.

Hat Tip: Jeff Soyer 

7 thoughts on “Colorado Democrats Can Kiss My $$ Goodbye”

  1. Indiana recognizes all permits from any state, and we have some excellent hiking trails in Southern Indiana and the Turkey Run state park.

    Additionally, state law allows CCW holders to carry in state parks.

  2. Yeah, actually it was a recent change. Gov. Daniels signed a law sometime last year that allowed it for permit holders – to the accompaniment of much hand wringing by our tiny anti-gun lobby.

  3. Cool. Guns in state parks in Pennsylvania is regulated by the DCNR. Technically, it’s a no carry area, since they forbid guns except in cases of hunting, and in your camp or vehicle, but I never pay any attention to it. It’s a summary offense if they decide to fine you. In all likelihood they’ll ask you to leave the park, or to store the firearm in your camp or vehicle per the regulation. The state park rule has never been challenged in court, but I think the regulation would hold. They can’t charge you with any kind of gun charge, so the argument would probably go that the DCNR is exercising its interest as a property holder, and enforcing the game regulations. There have been moves to clarify this, but it won’t happen as long as Fast Eddie is in the Governor’s mansion.

  4. Turkey Run, it’s a great park. Yes, Indiana recognizes all permits, but that’s also part of the problem. The Indiana AG hasn’t seen much of a need to pursue reciprocity agreements for that reason. The other part of the problem is this same nonsense you cite from Colorado. Indiana ran into it with Texas, who refused reciprocity because Indiana’s laws weren’t restrictive enough (18, not 21, no required course, etc.) States have been playing the “My laws are more draconian than yours!” game since this began, and not just Colorado.

    And in Indiana, you can get a lifetime CHL (though they passed that law after we moved to Pennsylvania).

  5. I am proud to say I was one of the first people in my county to sign up for the lifetime LTC permits.

    The gal at the local PD gave me a funny look when I said “at last – no more fees to exercise my rights!”

  6. Indiana recognizes my Pennsylvania permit. Our host might talk to the AG about getting reciprocity with Ohio. That would make driving back and forth from here to Indiana a lot easier (it’s kind of hard to drive from Pennsylvania to Indiana without going all the way across Ohio).

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