McCaffery Headed to PA Supreme Court?

Looks like Seamus McCaffery has won his party’s bid to get elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Who is he, you might ask? He’s the judge for Eagles Court.

Seamus P. McCaffery, who we all know from his days banging the gavel at the hilariously necessary Eagles Court at the Vet, received enough votes yesterday to win a nomination to the PA Supreme Court. You may have heard radio spots on the sports talk stations from former Sixers President Pat Croce endorsing his Honor, who was born in Ireland and spent many years as a Philly cop. Despite McCaffery’s Eagles ties, Gov. Ed Rendell backed another guy, who didn’t make the cut.

Looks like Pat Croce’s endorsement is worth more than the Governor’s. For those of you who are outside Philadelphia, or don’t know of the reputation our sports fan have, Eagles Court was set up in the stadium itself, because there were so many problems, it was easier just to process rowdy fans there. Even our own Governor used to be known for allegedly betting people 20 dollars they couldn’t pelt the opposing team with snowballs from the 700 level.

2 thoughts on “McCaffery Headed to PA Supreme Court?”

  1. Seamus never met a camera he didn’t like. And despite his perennial claim that he’s a former Philly cop, he is NO FRIEND of the police in this state. Trust me; as a detective, I have had more than a few run-ins with Mr. Publicity.

    However, I still voted for the man – if only to get him the hell out of the Philly courts!

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