Smaller Legislature?

I have to agree with this editorial.

Fewer districts makes it more difficult and more expensive for individuals to run for state representative and state senator, which arguably leads to a representative body more remote and out of touch with the citizenry. While many Pennsylvanians, as well as this editorial page, have been put off by the excesses perpetrated by our representatives and senators, we aren’t convinced that the wrongs committed had anything to do with the size of the Legislature.

I have to agree that I don’t think the size of the legislature is a problem.  I think we might want to consider a part time body though, like Virginia, and many other states.  Having fewer reps doesn’t really excite me, but I figure the less they all work, the better off we’ll be.

2 thoughts on “Smaller Legislature?”

  1. Just make sure you don’t make them to go too part time, then you get the Texas legislature.

  2. I actually like the concept of the TX legislature – in session a few months every other year. I’d also increase the number of reps we have and drastically reduce the amount they earn – make it something like $10k every year they are in session. Then they wouldn’t be full time jobs so they’d have to actually earn a living doing something else. Increasing the number would mean they wouldn’t have to pander to as many people at election time, so it wouldn’t take up as much of their time.

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