Philadelphia Wants Local Gun Laws

The same people behind the H.B. 760, the statewide registration bill are now pushing for a bill that would allow Philadelphia to maintain a gun registry:

State Reps. Angel Cruz and Rosita C. Youngblood yesterday announced another effort aimed at reducing the flow of guns in Philadelphia, this time by allowing the city to create a gun-registry system. Surrounded by reporters yesterday in his storefront office on North Fifth Street, Cruz said “something has to be done” to ease the wave of gun violence that has gripped the city.

Cruz said that while law-abiding citizens purchase guns, “bad people buy guns, too. This way we will know who has the guns.”

So the drug dealers and gang members are going to register their guns with the police? It would seem that is not likely. So what you’re saying is, you’ll know which law abiding people have guns, which, maybe I’m crazy here, seems pretty useless.

But why do something useful, like locking up criminals, when politicians can keep proposing nonsense like this, and tell the people back home that Harrisburg is really responsible for their own failures.

Hat Tip to Classical Values.

One thought on “Philadelphia Wants Local Gun Laws”

  1. Like 760, I am sure the “registry” bill will have more than they are saying. Probably will have the same BS provisions as was in 760, like (1) the mandatory keep-unloaded-and-locked clause, as well as (2) registration is ONLY open to city residents (so no visitors’ guns allowed, under threat of criminal prosecution).

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