First Class and No Class

After we had our rally in the Capitol Rotunda, we split into groups to go around visiting representatives.  I went off with the PAFOA group, lead by Kim Stolfer, Chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime.  We did go around to several representatives, both to pro-gun, to offer them our thanks for their support, and anti-gun, to air out areas of disagreement, and to make sure they understand that the gun lobby isn’t some nefarious cabal, but is made up of real people, who are willing to take days off work to defend their liberties.

Several of the anti-gun representatives weren’t in, but I did want to point out that Representative Angel Cruz, who we have much to disagree with, took the time to invite us into his office and listen to our concerns.  Given the nonsense from certain Constitution Party bozos at last year’s rally, it was very classy of Representative Cruz to engage with us as reasonable people.  Cruz stated he is concerned that certain judges in the Philadelphia court system don’t seem to want to get tough with criminals in that city, and this is a concern that we very much share.  We may not agree on the gun issue, but Cruz is correct that judges’ unwillingness to send violent people to prison for a long time is a significant part of the problem.  Earlier this evening I sent Rep. Cruz an e-mail:

I was part of the group today that attended Rep. Metcalfe’s Second Amendment Rally that you met with briefly in your office.  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with us.  It speaks highly of your character that you were willing to invite us into your office to hear our concerns.

Many of us, especially those like me who regularly venture into the City of Philadelphia, are very concerned about getting violent crime there under control, and though we may disagree on much about how to combat it, I do hope there are things we can do to help the City that we can all agree on.  Thanks again.

Representative Cruz’s character is very sharply contrasted with that of Representative Babette Josephs, who we heard berated a group of gun rights supporters because she was angry that we raffled off a gun in the capitol.  Well, for one, we didn’t raffle off a gun.  A gun was donated by Ace Sporting Goods, and the winner of the drawing received a voucher to go to Ace, fill out the various forms and affidavits, submit to the background check through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System, and then, only if cleared as being legal to own a gun in Pennsylvania and under Federal Law, may they take possession of said firearm.  But apparently that is not good enough for Representative Josephs.  We raffled a gun in her capitol!  Having heard of this incident, myself and a group of other members of the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Assocation decided to pay Representative Josephs a friendly visit, to explain to her exactly what had taken place on The Rotunda, lest there be any confusion that we actually had a gun in the Capitol building in violation of state law.  The Representative was not in, but upon trying to explain the situation to one of her staff, we were promptly asked to leave.

I do not live in Representative Josephs’ district, only near it, but I am not an unreasonable person.  I understand many of the Philadelphia delegation feel they are representing the interests of their districts by pushing for gun control.  I disagree strongly with them on this, but that is their belief.  It’s only through a free and frank dialog with elected representatives that a free Republic can function, and it’s distrubing that there are parts of Pennsylvania that are willing to elect a representative who will have none of that.

While I may disagree with Representative Cruz on many things, I can maintain respect for him because of his willingness to hear us out, and talk to us as reasonable people.  For Representative Josephs, I can have no such respect, and sincerely hope the people of her district will choose to send someone to Harrisburg who will demonstrate the kind of professionalism we should demand from people we elect to serve us.

4 thoughts on “First Class and No Class”

  1. Thank you, Sebastian, for going out of your way to attend the rally and speak with elected officials. Thanks to all of you! This is the way things are done, and I suspect that far more is accomplished in doing so than most of us imagine.

    Again….thank you.

  2. That’s good of Rep. Cruz to meet with you all. Thanks for representing the rest of us (who’ve used up our “discretionary” vacation time), I’m sure you did so well.

    Every news article I saw made sure to mention last year’s hang ’em from the tree of liberty guy.

    Can we expect an anti-straw-raffle-ticket-purchase bill coming through soon now?

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