The Brady Laundry List

Dave Hardy has the Brady Campaign wish list. It’s in their latest press release. I’ve decided to give this a hearty fisking, in the hopes that its google rank propel it to such heights, that every googler on the subject will know of the crap contained within. Let’s get started.

Pass the NICS Improvement Act, introduced by Representative Carolyn McCarthy. This legislation provides funding incentives for states to provide appropriate records to strengthen the information in NICS.

I might not oppose this, but not McCarthy’s bill. How about we gun owners get a few things is return if this is so important?

Require background checks for all gun sales, not just those from federally licensed dealers.

We have it in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t work. If it’s so effective, why is your group donating so much time, money, and effort to get another useless control passed, one-gun-a-month? None of this would have stopped either of these two nutballs.

Rescind the requirement requiring that records of Brady background checks be destroyed within 24 hours of purchase approval.

And this helps with stopping crazy people from getting guns how exactly? In the case of these two killers, would it help that we could go back and see “Yep, they passed the background check”. We already know that!

Impose a waiting period under the Brady Law, to allow time to do accurate and complete review of appropriate records.

The VT nutcase bought his guns months in advance. He even got two of them, having managed to overcome Virginia’s one-gun-per-month law. We can search criminal and mental health records instantly. If those records weren’t checked, it’s because they aren’t there. More time isn’t going to help.

Reinstate the Federal ban on ammunition magazines of larger than 10 rounds that expired along with the Federal assault weapons ban in 2004, and pass a ban on military-style assault weapons.

It takes two seconds to change a magazine. The VT nutcase had to have reloaded 12 times in order to fire as many rounds as he did. Would it have mattered if he had to reload 6 more times? He did not use an assault weapon. He used an ordinary pistol. The K.C. nutball killer used an M1 Carbine, which is legal even in the most restrictive states, and isn’t considered an “assault weapon” by anybody. Does it make sense to advocate a ban that’s based solely on cosmetic features rather than function?

Repeal the so-called “Tiahrt Amendment,” which as an annual appropriations rider bars the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) from sharing data on the sources of guns used in crimes.

The ATF themselves have stated that using this trace data to draw general conclusions about guns used in crime is a fools errand. The President of the Fraternal Order of Police has also come out against trace data being available for reasons other than criminal investigations. What does it say about the Brady Campaign, that they want trace data, which two law enforcement groups have said can interfere with investigating gun use and gun trafficking by criminals, just because it’s a useful tool for harassing lawful gun dealers and honest gun owners?

Require that new semi-automatic handguns be equipped with technology to allow police to quickly match shell casings found at a crime scene to the handgun from which they were fired. This technology, known as”microstamping,” would enhance law enforcement’s ability to rapidly solve gun crimes.”

This technology is being pushed by anti-gun groups with very little real world evidence that it even works. Criminals regularly file serial numbers off guns to make them more difficult to trace. Ballistic fingerprinting and micro-stamps wear and change over time, and are easily circumvented. They also have no impact on the existing supply of firearms. This type of law has exactly one purpose: to drive up the price of firearms and ammunition, so fewer people particulate in the shooting sport, and fewer people fight the Brady’s politically.

So there we have a laundry list. No new ideas really. It’s the same load of crap we’ve been hearing from the anti-gun groups for years.

5 thoughts on “The Brady Laundry List”

  1. I pretty much said the same things on thier blog along w/ reminders that Zach Ragbourn, the Asst. Comm. Director, keeps claiming they only want to go after criminals and aren’t going for more bans. I’m sure I’ll never get an answer to the question on why they’re opposing law enforcement. Doesn’t that mean they support criminals?

  2. Not to mention that a person could just buy a “brass catcher” that attaches to the ejection port/area.

  3. fun fact, the AWB II (HR 1022) does consider the m1 carbine to be an assault weapon. I guess it’s still scary looking even though the stock is made of wood.

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