6 thoughts on “You know you’re a gun nut…”

  1. It pains me to need the translation as well since I’m not that much older than him…or so I thought. *sigh*

  2. Sorry… “XD” is a text emoticon (look at it sideways, and it kinda-sorta looks like a smiley face dying of laughter). It is commonly used to respond to something hilarious and/or awesome.

  3. Man, you guys really are old. I would think that it was close enough to hieroglyphics of your native time that you might understand!

  4. Don’t forget the: o.O

    And I know when I’m a gun nut when I post a correction on Conan O’brien’s message board correcting the use of the phrase “hollow point bullets”. They aren’t cop killers Conan!

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