But can we carry a gun without a license?

Apparently the Keystone State has the 24th highest tax burden at 10.8 percent of income on average.  The highest?  Vermont, with a tax burden of 14.1 percent.  I guess there are some advantages to not having a graduated income tax.  Apparently New York, Maine, Ohio and Rhode Island are pretty tax crazy too.

2 thoughts on “But can we carry a gun without a license?”

  1. I wonder if they included Pittsburgh’s lovely little $36.00 yearly tax for working in the city but not living there… (note – acutal amount might be slightly different, can’t find my first pay stub of the year)

  2. 36 bucks? You should try Philly wage tax sometimes. If I worked there, I’d be forking over thousands of dollars to the city a year. It’s higher than PA income taxes, even for non residents.

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