Someone Call Al Gore

It’s April, I’ve been hanging around in DC all weekend, and I’m really pissed off I didn’t bring my winter coat.  We went into DC to catch the last weekend of the cherry blossom festival.  I didn’t come dressed appropriately for close to freezing temperatures and high wind, so we decided to head over to the National Mall and go to the Smithsonian.  Unfortunately, everyone else who was visiting DC that weekend I think decided the same thing, and the lines were unforgiving.   There were the people at The Mall participating in the rally for the 50 Million Pound Challenge, but lacking similar insulative qualities of this demographic, we decided taking the Metro back to the car was probably the best idea.

That put us back earlier than we intentioned, so Bitter baked some sweets to fill in the time.  Yum!  After that it was on to dinner with my evil twin.   The real Sebastian (I’m the fake Sebastian) seems like a pretty cool guy.  But I have to say, he’s not like the other progressives I know.  I think I would have called him “Pro Gun Left-Libertarian”, but I’m from Philadelphia, where progressive probably has some different connotations, and Republicans tend not to think too highly of George W. Bush or the current direction of the party.

Tomorrow Bitter is making her taco ring, which I do so love.  After the NRA convention next week, I really need to start exercising and  getting my weight down.

5 thoughts on “Someone Call Al Gore”

  1. Progressive has a different connotation almost everywhere now. I can’t stand the term because I think it’s been hijacked by the far left, those who are too ashamed to call themselves liberals and too far left to call themselves Democrats.

  2. Ground beef, seasoned with taco seasoning (plus a little extra chili powder and cayenne pepper to kick it up a bit), mixed with Mexican corn and some cheddar to start. Then take two packages of crossaint dough, lay the triangles out in a circle around a pizza pan with the short sides facing in and the long sids laying over the sides of the pan. Scoop the beef mix on top of the portion of the dough laying on the pan and then fold the portion hanging off the pan over to partially cover the beef mix and kinda hold it in. Bake for as long as the dough containers say to in order for the dough to be slightly golden.

    Here is a very, very tiny pic of one that has salsa and other “taco” toppings served up in the middle.

    Feel free to alter as you see fit. I never make mine the same way twice. I typically add something new or vary how much spice I put in it. I’ve never really gone all out with the additional taco toppings in the middle since I see that as work cut out only for a party.

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