Create a Commie

My friend Joy brought something back from Portland that I thought was really amusing. It’s called “Create a Commie”:

A pinko variation on Wooly Willy. Create your very own commie rat bastard, then shoot him. Well, OK, I haven’t done the last part yet. Don’t want to damage my pink carpet… or is that pinko carpet?

UPDATE: This company needs to get with the times.   I noticed they are missing Hugo Chavez.   For that matter Chavez needs to get some trademark hair style or facial hair so he can distinguish himself from his other role models.

7 thoughts on “Create a Commie”

  1. i’m still not sure if Chavez should be counted under “commie” or “just plain nutso”, myself. and yes, there IS a difference, keep that cheap shot to yourself. };-)

    he started out decently enough, his socialistic tendencies were basically populism and had a point (the rich-poor gap in Venezuela *was*, and possibly still is, dangerously wide), but surviving that CIA coup attempt seems to have gone to his head somehow. now he’s acting like he thinks he’s god’s gay lover or something.

  2. The item is “Made in China.” Wonder if each member of the politiburo is required to carry one?

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