Add State Representative Paul Clymer…

… to the list of Pennsylvania politicians who can go to hell. Why?

A bill introduced last week in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives would mandate that every car sold in the state be equipped with a breath testing device. State Representative Paul I. Clymer (R-Bucks County) insists that every motorist must prove that he is not drunk before starting a vehicle. Clymer’s proposal would require that, by 2009, all new cars sold in Pennsylvania have a device installed to estimate the amount of alcohol on the breath of a driver. If the machine believes the driver’s BAC is greater than .025 percent — significantly less than the legal limit of .08 percent — the car will not start.

So does that mean that Paul Clymer will give me a ride to work or pick me up on days when the interlock device decides to read a false positive, as they are prone to do sometimes? Paul Clymer obviously has no respect for the citizens of this Commonwealth, as he apparently believes we are all, even those of us who are responsible drinkers, or who don’t drink, such a risk to become drunk drivers that we have to be parented over by the state.

If Pennsylvania wants to retain educated young professionals, which everyone keeps saying we’re doing a sorry job of these days, then they need to make this bill die a very quick death, because it’s so bad, I’d likely leave the state over it, and go to a place like Arizona that treats people more like adults. If you live in Representative Clymer’s district, I urge you to vote against him in the next election, or if you’re a Republican, unseat him in the primaries. You deserve better representation than this.

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2 thoughts on “Add State Representative Paul Clymer…”

  1. Is there a provision for ‘tampering’ with said device? Or just hopping the boarder and buying your car in Maryland?

    Additionally, I remember a story told to me once many years ago. Someone wanted to drive home and paid a kid on the street $20 so he could start the car.

    When will people learn that you can’t legislate personal responsibility. Sigh.

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