Your Guest Bloggers

It’s just about time to start heading down to the Texas Fun Time Shootout with Bitter. Let me introduce you all to your guest bloggers, in the mean time. I’ve lined up a pretty diverse set of topics to blog about while gone:

Captain Ahab
Ahab runs the blog What Would John Wayne Do?, and will be filling in for me on the topic of guns, probably with a bit of The Duke mixed in.

My friend Jym’s wife, who, yes, is a stripper by profession. She’ll be blogging on the topic of arming bouncers at adult entertainment establishments, and also, to my understanding, about some of the economic and social aspects of her line of work. I’ve read some of the stuff she’s put in her personal journal, and it tends to be pretty interesting.

Brad is a friend of mine from college. He’ll be taking over on the topic of Pennsylvania politics, and hopefully saying bad things about Ed Rendell and the politicians in Philadelphia. I haven’t been doing nearly enough of that lately.

Thanks so much to you guys for filling in for me while I’m busy destroying various things, including some old hard drives from work, with hot lead.  Do notice the  Categories list beside where you post though, and try to select an appropriate one.  I try to avoid having everything uncategorized.

So I’m off for the week folks.   I will leave things to the guest bloggers.   I may pop in from time to time and post something, but probably not.  I’ll be pretty far out in the middle of nowhere, but we’ll see.   I officially return Monday the 19th.