Second Amendment Win

In the Second Circuit, a District Court rules that mere accusation of a crime is not sufficient for stripping someone of their Second Amendment rights.  This is another baby step on a long journey of having the Right to Keep and Bear arms held to the same standard as other important constitutional rights.  Hopefully this won’t be an aberration.

6 thoughts on “Second Amendment Win”

  1. So I can’t accuse you of sorcery in order to take your guns?

    I think people used to do that type of stuff during the witch hunts as a way to obtain land………

  2. I’m glad to see someone with the common sense to realize exactly what the phrase innocent before proven guilty means.

  3. This is one of the positive ripples from the Heller decision. Any laws that strips constitutional rights prior to a conviction are a problem.

    I like that this was due process and that 2A is now part of due process. Hopefully this will help those restraining orders that are so common in divorce cases that strip gun ownership.

  4. It’s too bad that the crime the guy was accused of was possessing child porn.

    Seriously, I can see the Brady Campaign alerts already “NRA wants child sex criminals armed”.

  5. Why do we still have the Lautenburg lifetime gun ban for misdemeanors (no matter WHEN they occurred)? Simply because the NRA and the Republicans refused to stand up for “wife beaters and violent criminals” as the Loonies on the Left labeled those who had their RIGHTS taken away for life (via an unconstitutional ex-post-facto law). In case you did not know, an ex-post-facto law punishes you for something that was not a crime when you did it, but became a crime later, or they add MORE punishment/penalties later to a “crime” you were already punished for. This is no different than making speeding a felony and then anyone who ever got a speeding ticket is now a convicted felon…

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