I Can Beat That

You know you’re a gun nut when you read about Blues Traveler’s John Popper getting arrested for doing 110MPH with load of guns and marijuana in his car, see the media spread on the police table and think, “I can do better than that.”


Of course, I won’t be doing 110 down the highway, nor will I have any controlled substances in my vehicle either, and I don’t have a nice gun case built into the back of my vehicle. But seriously, considering what I’m taking to Texas, my police table spread will look far more impressive than this if I got pulled over, searched, and hauled in for questioning.

5 thoughts on “I Can Beat That”

  1. Two Steyr Scout rifles and an FN Five-SeveN? The worst part is that the cops are probably going to destroy all those pretty guns.

    They should sell them, or something. Sell them to me, specifically.

  2. And notice to fill up space, they even put the cases out. At least if we got pulled over, we’ll have some very stylin’ cases. At least for the handguns.

  3. You don’t really believe they’ll destroy them, do you? They will end up destroyed on paper maybe, but their likely destiny is simply a change of possessors.

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