An Interesting End to a Weekend at the Range

Sebastian should be about an hour away from home by now. Unfortunately, he’s still probably about four hours away. Why? Because of a 16 mile back up on I-81 northbound in Southwest Virginia.

Why was traffic backed up for 16 miles? Because a sheriff’s deputy got in his official vehicle, stalked his ex-wife to a gas station, pulled his rifle out and shot her multiple times in front of a child in her car & bystanders nearby. Then he got back in his out-of-county sheriff’s vehicle, evaded state police for a while, then pulled over and shot a state trooper in the leg before getting about a mile down the road and engaging in another shoot-out with two additional state troopers.

Unfortunately, Sebastian didn’t see the traffic until he was just past an exit. Then he spent over an hour trapped while trying to get 5 more miles to the next exit. In an attempt to use AT&T’s cell network, I routed him around the roads where the state police were dropping the rest of 81’s traffic, but it added another hour and a half to his time.

The good news is that the state trooper who was shot is doing fine. The sheriff’s deputy has “life threatening” wounds.

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  1. Interesting, that must have happened after I came through, as I left Knoxville relatively early (about 0800) so I was through there around 1300. Hope Seb makes it home okay.

  2. More insanity from an “Only One”.

    To think that we need to get permission to carry from people like this. I am becoming more and more in favor of Constitutional Carry.

  3. I came home the exact same way – but ended up spotting the traffic tie-up in time to divert, thankfully. What was the route that you ended up directing Sebastian along? We took a county road to Catawba – a very scenic drive, but as it’s so narrow it doesn’t even have center lane markings, not a road that you want to drive while towing a large trailer – especially when you meet a fire truck going the other way. (A motorcyclist had crashed through a fence, and everybody got called out for it.)

    OldNFO, the first shooting was at about 11:30ish, and the I-81 shootout was right before noon, according to the news folks.

  4. Wow. Glad the Statie is doing well.

    I can’t even grasp the concept of hitting my wife, much less shooting her and a bunch of cops as well. You have to be broken in a fundamental way before you can even start something like that.

  5. According to the last updated article I read (a little under an hour ago), they have now said that the portion on 81 was about an hour after the first shooting. That would put NFO through just a hair before the shootout. Sebastian and I were talking about what one would do when coming up on a scene with multiple cops shooting it out with each other.

    It wasn’t that the route was bad. It just took a hell of a lot longer than going 81 directly. His added time has been in additional stops he has had to make for extra doses of caffeine and the bathroom breaks to process said extra doses of liquid caffeine.

  6. At least, according to the Indiana Supreme Court, this woman can still seek justice through the judicial system.

    Oh, wait…

  7. For those who said one should let cops break into your house then file lawsuit. What should the woman had done in this case? Get shot then sue? But how would she know he’s not on legal official duty sent to whack her?

  8. There’s new information on this now. The Franklin Co. Sheriff knew ahead of time that the Deputy was on his way and had stated his intent to kill his ex-wife, but refused to issue a BOL to surrounding police. He called the police department where he thought Dep. Agee was going and left a message for a supervisor to call him back. He didn’t get that call until after she had been shot – in a different jurisdiction.

    So much for “the police will protect you.”

  9. I have more here and here. The latest is the release of his call to the Salem PD. No indication of any urgency whatsoever. This Sheriff keeps looking worse and worse.

    Bitter or Sebastian, please let me know if I’m link-whoring too much on this – I don’t want to impose.

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