Well, no, not really. Paul Helmke is full fo shit:

After posting this blog, Zumbo was fired from the magazine, had his television show on the Outdoor Channel cancelled, and lost his sponsors. The NRA suspended their long-term relationship with Zumbo and pointed to the destruction of Zumbo’s career as an example of what happens when somebody crosses them. Some outdoor writers have started to speak up, however.

Sorry Paul, but the NRA mind control rays were off that weekend. We did that all on our own, without any direction from the NRA. As has been pointed out hundreds of times, the NRA didn’t even say a damned thing until it was all over.

We need to be asking what these weapons are used for and whether they need to be regulated in order to promote public safety. If some don’t like the restrictive definitions being proposed, what alternatives do they suggest? Or, should we have no restrictions, even on actual “terrorist rifles”?

Millions of gun owners use these rifles for competitive and recreational shooting. What to you think the annual Camp Perry shooting competition is? Take a look at the rifles most commonly used in that competition. That’s not even speaking of their utility for self-defense.

The restrictions on these rifles needs be no different than any other rifle, because they ARE no different than any other rifle you ignorant twit. They just look scary.

A word of caution to you folks: The Brady’s very much want to keep the Zumbo controversy alive, and drive the wedge deeper between shooters and hunters, because it helps them tremendously. All you folks out there who seem to be unwilling to welcome Jim back to the fold need to understand that. If we drive a wedge between hunters and shooters, Helmke and his friends at AHSA will be popping champaign corks. Now is the time for unity, and we need Mr. Zumbo.

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  1. “Now is the time for unity, and we need Mr. Zumbo.”

    Then let them stand taller and join us. Don’t ask me to get on my knees to appear united with them.

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