Mowing the Astroturf

The other Sebastian exposes one of the “concerned citizens” appearing before the Maryland Generally Assembly to testify in favor of SB43, the assault weapons ban in that state:

Sue Peschin is trying to sell the idea that she’s just a concerned member of the voting public. Don’t be fooled! In the comments below, Norton has the goods on our friend Sue.

Pretty clearly she’s NOT just a worried Marylander, but a paid, professional anti-liberty lobbyist.

It’s my sincere hope that if we keep exposing their astroturf campaigns and outright deceptions, it’ll really damage their credibility, and fewer political bodies will be willing to listen to them.  But it’s just a hope.  Do you think this little bit will be covered by the Baltimore Sun or other Maryland media?  Not on your life.

2 thoughts on “Mowing the Astroturf”

  1. Why do you think their slamming and lying about the “Z”-word spontaneous grassroots response? They’re truly frightened by the numbers we represent, doubly so because we don’t need anyone to bus us in and feed us a free lunch.

    We have the numbers and the cash in $5 and $20 dollar donations, and the members, they have sleazy slush-funds and Astroturf.

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