They Can Have My Lightbulbs…

when they pry them from my cold, dead hands:

[Australian] Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull this morning announced standard incandescent light bulbs would be phased out within three years in a bid to reduce energy consumption.

“We are introducing new energy efficiency standards and these old lights simply won’t comply, they will be phased out and basically over a period of time they will no longer be for sale,” Mr Turnbull said.

What about sockets that won’t take compact flourescence? I like my halogen spotlights, thank you. What about the fact that those flourescent bulbs make me feel like I’ve been institutionalized? Not that it’s really a concern for those in power, because all that matters is that we’re unable to make choices for ourselves, at least not the “right” choices.

I really hope we can move to Mars eventually, because honestly, it’s just not going to stop until government runs every aspect of our lives. Oh sure, you’ll still have some freedoms, except the most important one: choice.

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