When They Come For Your “Sniper Rifle”…

… if they already have my “assault weapon”, I’m not going to lift a god damned finger to help you.

[UPDATE (5:42): Looks like Unc basically said the same thing, but I didn’t look at his site until 2 minutes ago :)]

That’s my statement to hunters and outdoor writers like Jim Zumbo, who apparently have no issues with throwing people like me under the bus. Kevin Baker has a good fisking of Zumbo’s article here.

One thing Mr. Zumbo needs to understand is that this issue is not about banning scary looking rifles. Everyone who thinks that needs to read this.

The goal of the assault weapons ban is to weaken our community, reduce our numbers, reduce our political power, and eventually get our numbers down to the point where further restrictions on firearms are legally viable. Anyone who believes this is about public safety haven’t been paying close enough attention to the issue.

So, Mr. Zumbo, if you want to keep your highly accurate sniper rifle, I would suggest we stick together, or we’re all going to lose. You do us no favors by your willingness to throw other gun owners under the bus, because you think we make you look bad. We all look bad to the gun banners, and they won’t stop until you don’t have a gun to hunt with.

UPDATE: Bitter has some useful thoughts on the subject as well

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