Read My Lips, More New Taxes

Ed Rendell is a tax raising madman! In addition to a 1% boost in the state’s sales tax, he’s also now proposing an increase in the state gasoline tax as part of the 2007-2008 state budget:

“We propose a tax on gasoline. But for the first time we propose a tax on those who make gasoline rather than those who buy it.”

Umm, Ed, what’s the difference? You think the gasoline refiners are going to just eat that tax rather than pass it on to consumers? Do you think we’re that stupid? Plus, I would point out that Sunoco is a huge employer for both Pennsylvania and particulary the Philadelphia area. We have plenty of other refiners in the state too. It would seem to me that a new tax on them would not really encourage them to create more jobs. If there’s one thing that Pennsylvania definitely does not need it’s higher business taxes. That’s what this is. Don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Oh, also:

In his speech, Rendell also called for legislation that would allow local governments to make their own gun laws and would limit handgun sales to one per month.

Push that, and we NRA types will do everything we can to make sure the Democrats lose their newfound control of the PA house. You got into office by keeping your mouth largely shut on the gun issue. Open it again, now that you have lame duck status, and you’ll hurt your party in downstream elections. We didn’t elect you governor to act like the Mayor of Philadelphia. But even that’s not enough:

Rendell also wants to increase the tax on waste haulers, increase cigarette taxes by a dime a pack, impose new taxes on cigars and smokeless tobacco products, and impose a surcharge on electricity of about 45 cents a month for the average residential user.

Jesus Christ, Ed. Given the cold weather we’ve been having lately, you’re making Arizona or Texas start to look damned attractive. And you wonder why young professionals like myself don’t stay in the state?

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