Full Auto Day – Affordable Full Auto

If you only have a couple grand to spend, there are some choices out there for you. In this post I’m featuring my friend Jason’s Cobray M11 9mm machine pistol. He got his a few years ago for $1500 bucks, plus the $200 NFA tax. Prior to 1986, I believe these could be had for $400, plus the $200 NFA tax. Today they are going for more than 3 grand.


I’ve actually shot this particular machine pistol. Compared to an MP5, it’s a little rough to shoot, and difficult to control, but with a little practice you can get pretty decent with it. If you use the metal magazines, and use decent ammunition, it’ll function pretty reliably. With the metal mags inserted, the stock won’t go all the way in like it will with the plastic ones, but the plastic mags don’t tend to be as reliable. Like I mentioned, it’s also finicky about ammunition. We’ve had bad luck with Sellier and Bellot and Wolf. Domestic or quality import works well. The M11 has a high rate of fire, so it empties the magazine quickly. There are kids that can reduce the cyclic rate though, and also kits to convert it to .22LR for cheaper full-auto fun. Here’s Jason shooting the M11:


I have the CM11, which is a semi-auto carbine version of the M11 with a fixed stock. It’s not nearly as much fun to shoot though ;) The CM11 is pretty much the same, except it fires from a closed bolt. The ATF generally won’t approve open bolt designs for semi-autos because of the ease of conversion.

UPDATE: Sorry folks.  I didn’t realize the video would autoplay.  I changed it to a google video.

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  1. Oh, for the good old pre-1986 days. One of my favorite subguns is the MAC 10 in .45 acp. It’s somewhat controllable with the Gemtech suppressor and decent stock which I made from an extra M1 Garand stock. It seems to like just about any kind of ammo. I think that the .45 is less ammo sensitive than the 9mm. Also, it uses slightly modified grease gun mags which are very durable. Jack

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