The Need to Work Together

SayUncle posts: The fudds are upset because they aren’t fuddy enough. I think we EBR folks need to have a sitdown with the fudds..

For my non gun blogging LiveJournal followers, Fudds are hunters, and EBRs are Evil Black Rifles. Hunters are a big component of the gun-rights movement, but traditionally they’ve been difficult to motivate in comparison to their numbers, and some are quite often willing to accept compromises that leave other types of gun owners hung out to dry.
I’m willing to make the Fudds a deal, that if they’ll go to war with me to help me keep my evil black rifles, I’ll go with them over preserving land use rules to favor hunting. Here’s the things the Fudds need to understand: your numbers are shrinking, and in a few generations there may be very few hunters left. You need us EBR types to fight along with you, but that means you need to fight with us, and not throw us under the bus every time Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein try to assure you they will never take your sniper..err.. I mean hunting rifle. But we EBR types need to understand that we need you too, so we’ll have to agree to fight to preserve hunting, even though that’s not important to us. We’ll also help fight off weenies like PETA. We may not agree on priorities, but we can probably at least agree that PETA deserves a kick in the nuts.
The gun control groups have long had wet and wild dreams about pulling hunters away from the gun rights movement. It’s mostly wishful thinking on their part, but it’s a fact that many hunters are difficult to motivate to care about gun rights. But we can probably seek comfort that the fake pro-gun groups run by the gun control movement will probably find it difficult to motivate the same people.

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