Getting Ready to Go to DC

Posting light this morning. Bitter is busy getting ready for DC, and I have some issues to clean up at work. We’re headed there for the McDonald case, and to meet up and say thank you to some of the people involved in the case. Win or lose, the attorneys and plaintiffs involved in this venture deserve our respect and admiration. I feel the least I can do is be there, if it means being outside, quietly cheering them on. Let’s hope for a great victory.

6 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Go to DC”

  1. If you are looking for a breakfast place, try the Tune Inn on 3rd and Penn., SE. They open at about 7:30. Unless you are camping out, of course.

  2. And as long as you are in DC. Lobby the NRA to actually do something for gun rights in DC instead of just using it as a poison pill for voting representation.

    An exception to buy a handgun from a dealer in Va. or Md. until DC gets at least one more FFL would be a start.

  3. Heck, while yer there, try buying a 9mm and document the refusal. After _Heller_ and _McDonald_, the next steps should be obvious.

  4. Win or lose? Uh uh. I have to say that I would somewhat resent both Gura and NRA if we lose.

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