Florida “Parking Lot” Bill Passed out of Committee

I still maintain my opposition to this course of action, and I say that as someone who is prohibited from having firearms on company property myself, but my opposition is mostly due to property rights concerns. Looks like they are trying to same tact that worked in Georgia, where the bill will be limited to … Continue reading “Florida “Parking Lot” Bill Passed out of Committee”

Flurry of Bills in Other States

I have to hand it to Ashley, who is NRA’s State Liaison for Missouri, Indiana and Oklahoma, because there’s been quite a lot of positive activity as of late. In Indiana, she’s working to legalize suppressors in hunting, as well as a bill that would allow for charity gaming (important for Friends of the NRA’s … Continue reading “Flurry of Bills in Other States”

Perry Signs Parking Lot Law in Texas

With my usual caveat that I do not agree with NRA on these parking lot laws, It’s worth noting that while our opponents were busy fighting hysterically to prevent the campus carry bill, our side managed to slip this in. The message to our opponents is that you can’t win. Even when you think you … Continue reading “Perry Signs Parking Lot Law in Texas”

Text of McCarthy Gun Show Bill

John Richardson has the text. It’s every bit as unacceptable as the last bill, and basically offers multiple ways for a hostile administration to close down gun shows, and to implement a back door registration scheme. Transferring a gun to someone else in the parking lot of a gun show, or at a gun show, … Continue reading “Text of McCarthy Gun Show Bill”

Indiana Gun Bills Under Attack

I think there are plenty of good libertarian arguments for why the “Parking Lot” bills pushed by the National Rifle Association elevate one freedom over the expense of others, but I’m not sure these arguments here are among them. The author also seems to make a bizarre case against the Katrina language in the bill: The National … Continue reading “Indiana Gun Bills Under Attack”

Parking Lot Thing in Arizona

Dustin looks at all the successes this year.  Many of these are great victories, but among those are the Parking Lot bill.  From the “not sure why NRA makes this a priority” department, the Goldwater Institute, normally a friend of gun rights, is planning on challenging the legitimacy of the law. “The Goldwater Institute strongly … Continue reading “Parking Lot Thing in Arizona”

Parking Lot Law Upheld in Oklahoma

I do not agree with NRA on the parking lot issue.  I will just state that categorically.  But this is a welcome victory.  Why? The challenge to Oklahoma’s bill presented some serious risks to gun owners, in that it was argued that the Occupational Safety and Health Act, through the Supremacy Clause of the constitution, … Continue reading “Parking Lot Law Upheld in Oklahoma”