NRA Files for Chapter 11

And it’s moving the corporate entity to Texas. Any bets on how much of Wayne’s mistakes get buried in that bankruptcy? Any bets on whether there’s new bylaws that will, de jure, end NRA as a member controlled organization? (I recognize that, de facto, membership control has been tenuous for some time). Will NRA move to Texas? We know Wayne has wanted to.

Leticia James will actually have a say in the dissolution of a New York non-profit. So I’m sure she has a next move, and I doubt this is over.

Finally, I will say this: my club has a provision requiring members to belong to the NRA. I am no fan of Bill and Wayne’s NRA, but I haven’t been willing to move on that issue, because if there was a power struggle, I wanted to be able to throw our weight behind the not-Wayne faction. It’s also a massive PITA to get bylaw changes done.

But if the door closes on members having the ultimate say, if it becomes just another group run by grifters who’s sole purpose is perpetuating the graft, if there’s no hope for a different NRA beyond Wayne and whoever he chooses to be his successor, that changes the calculus. Right the ship. My patience is not infinite.

17 thoughts on “NRA Files for Chapter 11”

  1. If they stiff the membership, then the membership will go elsewhere.

    This is a really bad time for that.

  2. We updated our clubs bylaws. I asked for and got a change from mandatory NRA to any 2nd amendment organization approved by the board.

      1. Nightmares are relative things. Requiring paper verification is a nightmare compared to pushing a button and seeing the color of the banana that pops out, but that’s how we used to do it. I remember making photocopies of either my latest American Rifleman cover with my mailing label, or my latest membership card, to prove NRA membership.

        I would suggest that requiring proof-of-payment (photocopy/printout of a cancelled check, or credit card statement) to a qualifying organization would not be too oppressive on either end. If one member in a hundred went to the trouble of counterfeiting their proof-of-membership, the world wouldn’t end.

        That said, I once was a proponent of the “any qualifying pro-gun organization” idea, but anymore I don’t know who I would trust, and I’m not a fan of coercing anyone into a membership they aren’t comfortable with, based on a consensus belief in who the Good Guys are.

      1. “…those other 2A group leaders are bigger grifters than Wayne…”

        You took the words right off my tippity-tapping fingers.

      2. I though later, that I should kick in that it’s not just the leaders who are grifters, but often the organizations themselves, in the sense that they are “front” organizations, whose true agendas have nothing to do with gun rights.

        That’s not to say they oppose gun rights, just that they have “another” agenda that’s more important to them.

        Check the backgrounds of Larry Pratt and H.L. Richardson, and see how many issues they’ve fronted for; and to the extent you can, check out the organizations their employees move between when they change jobs.

    1. Our dropped the requirement due to the pushback on being a member of a grifter org

  3. “The National Rifle Association (NRA) has filed for bankruptcy and will reincorporate in Texas, the gun rights advocacy group announced Friday… The NRA also claims it is in its “strongest financial condition in years…”

    How’s that again? I’m reminded of Hirohito’s famous quote, “the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage.” Other than that, everything’s just fine.

    Seriously, is there a legal maneuver such that a non-profit can be “in its strongest financial condition in years” while it also files for bankruptcy and protection from its creditors? How shaky was its financial condition “in years” and why weren’t we told that?

    If there is a legal path, there shouldn’t be. It sounds downright Orwellian, to me.

  4. Super happy they are moving.

    Super unhappy that not only is Wayne staying, he is in full control of the move.

    I won’t be giving the NRA a dime until Wayne is gone.

  5. Isn’t the protocol that the CEO goes away in a bankruptcy. Still no money from me until that happens.

    1. Just think how much “convention” and “protocol” has disappeared in recent years.

  6. I’m wondering if there will be a “legal” break in continuity, an NRA 2 that is not legally the Original NRA

    1. I’m guessing there will be. I’m just a layman and not a corporate lawyer, but I think the presumption is that every corporation is a baby born the day of its incorporation. It has only its own rights and liabilities as an individual, and who its parents were is legally irrelevant.

      (If I’m wrong, I hope I’m kicking off an intelligent and informative discussion!)

  7. Back in my youth, I bought two life time memberships to the NRA. I have not sent them a dime in a decade because of all the current antics. Like many here, i won’t restore any positive attitude toward the NRA till they reform. And getting read of the current leadership is the first step.

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